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140 sqm of dance floor, light floor paint, white walls with blackout curtains, air conditioning, modular seating for 80-90 people, fixed projector, sound system and advanced lighting set.


Hall 3 Multi-purpose hall


Lighting height c. 6.5 m

Ceiling height c. 7 m

Room width c. 11.5 m Room depth c. 13 m


Suitable for 80-100  A person according to the arrangement of the meeting and the nature of the show,

Suitable for peripheral or frontal seating, sitting on mobile chairs.

155 sqm studio

  • Wooden floor for dance

  • Permanent linoleum in gray (Green Germany)

  • Black linoleum (by appointment)

  • White walls

  • Black perimeter curtain on rail -

  • It is possible to move the curtain to storage in a niche and hide it on a white screen

  • Dance bars (by prior arrangement)

  • 6 aluminum podiums 1/2 height 40-100 cm

  • (For use as podiums or tables or for seating) (by prior arrangement)

  • Fixed pipe grid

Audio Visual Equipment

PA system that includes 2 sound projectors of the type: Turbo Sound IP2000

Bringer X32 digital mixer producer

16 inputs and 16 mobile outputs


End equipment including:

4 CX15 amplified speakers

2 Mic Condenser

3 Mick Dynamic


Microphone stands

Computer and sound card to play playback - two separate channels


Lighting :

Permanent installation lighting system that includes:

6 Moving Lights LED Zoom RGBWA MX PRIME headlights

32 LED headlights RGBWA 25o Uranus

9 Warm white LED headlights SPL 18 WW 25o

4 Warm White LED Flashlights Uranus 18 WW 45o


Lighting computer GMA DOT 2

Extra touch screen

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