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120-140 sqm of dance floor (total about 182 sqm the whole hall), about 100 seats in the grandstands that can be arranged modularly, air conditioning, light floor on which black linoleum can be laid, gray walls with black curtains, fixed projector, system Sound and advanced lighting set.


Hall 4  Multi-purpose


An auditorium with a size of about 185 square meters

Lighting height c. 6.5 m

Ceiling height c. 7 m

The hall will allow 3 operating modes:


A - Full grandstand - (8 rows of chairs)

160-180 seats

Stage width 11.5 m, depth 8.5 m


B -  Minimum grandstand - (5 rows of chairs)

80-100 seats

Stage width 11.5 m, depth 12.5

  • Wooden floor for dance

  • Permanent linoleum in black (Green Germany)

  • Gray linoleum (by prior arrangement - Gretz Germany)

  • Gray walls

  • Black perimeter curtain on rail

  • White background option / 10 m wide projection screen on the back of the stage for all heights (instead of black on the same track)

  • Dance bars (by prior arrangement)

  • 6 aluminum podiums 1/2 height 40-100 cm

  • (For use as podiums or tables) (by prior arrangement)

  • 6 free legs 2.2 m wide

  • Fixed pipe grid

Audio Visual Equipment

Voice amplification:

For self-use in rehearsals - both halls are equipped with an amplification system that includes:

A pair of sound projectors on Turbo Sound IP2000 strollers

Small analog mixer and player connection


Amplification :


High quality hanging amplification system to cover the hall that includes:

2 pcs Nexo P12  Hanging to cover the grandstand

2 pcs Nexo P12  Hanging from the back of the stage

2 pcs Nexo P12  Hanging like stage monitors

1 pc SUB Nexo L15  By hanging

7 Mission (LRS)  + AUX1-4)


MIDAS MR32 digital mixer

16 entrances and 8 exits on stage

16 inputs and 8 outputs in the amplification database


End equipment including:

A pair of Turbo Sound IP2000 sound projectors

4 CX15 amplified speakers

2 Wireless Mick Manual or Mick Micro Plug

3 Mic PCC



1 mic AKG D112

3 Mic AKG C1000


12 stands for microphones

Computer and sound card to play playback - two separate channels

Clearcom 4 station system


Lighting :

Permanent installation lighting system that includes:

31 Moving Lights LED Zoom Lanterns JOLLY Q-3 Turbo

16 Moving Lights LED Profile Lanterns - JOLLY A7 Profile

19 ETC S4 36O headlights

12 Fresnel headlights 1KW

8 LED RGBWAU headlights  Charged with wireless control

Fog machine ANTARI HZ500

36 dimmers


Lighting computer GMA3 on PC

2 touch screens

GMA 3 command wing


7500 ANSI projector in permanent installation

Option to connect from the controller or the stage

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