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The program enables the connection between veteran Jerusalem artists and, at the beginning of their journey, artists from around the world through exchanges between them. The program exposes the creators to a dance scene that takes place in another country, where the creators will stay, work in the studio and present work in the process, which will form fertile ground for a new creative process.  


The selection of the authors for the program does not take place in a uniform format. Some of our partners select the artists after submitting a research proposal from the Jerusalem artists and there are dance centers that allow the discretion of the artistic management on behalf of an entire dance center and in these cases we try to give as many participants as possible according to the nature of the fellow center. Among the artists who took part in the program: Maayan Libman Sharon, Mia Popova, Yael Eden, Annabelle Dvir, Avidan Ben Giat, Tzlil Efrat, Talia Shalom, Adam Shapira, Smadar Goshen, Sophie Kranz.

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Mutual residency programs in which Jerusalem creators and fellow centers reach a period of research and development of new dance creation.

The program takes place in collaboration  With several centers in Europe:   

Arts printing House Vilnius, Lithuania

      Kinitiras Artistic Network of Performing Arts, Athens Greece

Derida Dance Center, Sofia Bulgaria    

credance -Budweis Czech Republic

Dock 11, Berlin Germany

  Zagreb Dance Center, Croatia

Jerusalem exchange

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