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Jerusalem Dance and Performance Community

Steering and Accompaniment Committee: Ruth Diskin, Ruth Cummings, Nirit Rosler, Mata Mori With the support of the Jerusalem Foundation

Campy is further established for many years of discourse and joint work between independent creative bodies and artists in Jerusalem with the aim of promoting the relevant dance, creative, audience and support scene. KMPI is  A new collaborative fund established at the initiative of three leading independent dance organizations in Jerusalem - the KTMMON Dance Group, a complete dance between heaven and earth that will enable economic cooperation between bodies, creators and dance organizations in Jerusalem.

The added value at the basis of the vision of this new initiative is the collaborative model on which it is based. A model that enables the pooling of resources, an increased sense of belonging and community empowerment. These are all values that today, in the midst of the corona crisis, are clear and distinct, and need to be assimilated into the dance community in particular and the society in which we live as a whole.


The cooperative bank consists of three circles-  Partners, beneficiaries and supporters who deposit membership fees, while the partner community enjoys grants for projects such as research budget, professional advice, production of new work and more.

Along with the gifts, various advice, subsidies and services are provided to the community, in order to enable ongoing and relevant support for the artists / s, which is independent of an establishment or government.  By matching the gifts and services to the three circles, we can enable services and content relevant to each of the groups. Together - we will strengthen the sense of belonging and create an innovative vision for the independent Jerusalem dance community.  Campi is open to any member who wishes to strengthen the community and enjoys it without political or institutional influence. The KMPI account will be managed  In a sustainable bank - a sustainable association.

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