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An entire dance center seeks to allow graduates of high schools of the arts to take part in a practice program that was established out of the need for further studies for graduates of academia and other dance tracks in the country, a creative incubator and the receipt of subsidized spaces.

Practice is a training course for dancers, creators and teachers, graduates of various dance courses and degrees in dance who are interested in further self-development, study and training in a variety of channels, while learning in-depth dance methods, occasional artist workshops, creative course, studio research and intensive annual courses.

Participants who take part in the creative and studio research track are also given time for personal work in the spaces and at the end of the program there are presentations of the course products.

The program was initiated by Jerusalem dance creators Tamar Binyamini and Yael Eden in 2018, with the desire to continue to hold group classes, get to know different genres in dance, and get research time and work as individuals and as a group for performances at the center, which provides a production package.

The courses

Full program 

The full track includes the three core courses - Ofir Yudelevich, Kerem Shemi and rotating workshops.

Participants in the track are invited to participate (at no additional cost) in additional courses, centered on individual and group creative processes:  

Creative plan 

Creative workshops, accompaniment of personal creative processes and monthly presentations. As part of the program, participants will be allocated weekly work time for individual rehearsals in the studio.
At the end of the year, the participants of the program will put on a performance as part of an entire dance.

Research Studio

Three hours per week of group research work. The group works as a creative-performing collective.  


The track runs until July 2021, you can join the changing workshops only.

To join and questions:

A new cycle will begin in October 2021

For joining and |050-7676981

A new cycle will begin in October 2022 to June 2023

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