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VR Dance 2021

The global pandemic has imposed upon all of us a new reality. In response, this past June MASH hosted our very first Virtual Reality Dance Festival – presenting dance works, filmed using 360° technology that were viewed through VR headsets, providing an interactive performance-viewing experience. Over the past several months, we have been working with our team to create a version of the VR experience that will be accessible not only to local audiences, but to anyone across the globe.


On Thursday, October 14th we invite international dance house and festival managers to an online event that we are hosting, in partnership with the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which we will launch a new platform for internationally presenting Israeli dance works in an exciting, interactive, immersive, and innovative manner – VIRTUAL REALITY. During the event, we will offer a taste of our work-in-process project – a VRDance experience – using VR headsets, sent to the homes of those who register prior to the event. 


Following this event, we plan to continue to share with our international partners the growing archive of Israeli VR dance and to seek new ways to virtually collaborate, internationally.

If you would like to be in touch and take part in the VR platform please contact our producer, Gabby Foster:

How to activate the VR Headset?
To open the 360 test clip, click here.
Be sure to open it on your smartphone and view it through your headset. 
תוכנית וכרטיסים

The 360 performances


Our programs include:

Jerusalem International Dance Week: a weeklong festival which encompasses:

  • Showcase for Independent Israeli Dance Artists;

  • International Choreography Competition;

  • MASH Festival presenting original productions 


Dance Series:

featuring Jerusalem-based artists, students, and veteran artists from Israel and abroad


House Productions for adults and for the whole family

Israeli Showcase for young audiences

Social Projects involving various diverse Jerusalem populations

Artists' Exchange and Residency Programs

Performing Arts Hub:
an incubator that bridges the gap between educational and cultural institutions
and help graduates to become independent artists

Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Women's Dance Platform

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