Hub for Jerusalem Artists

The center seeks to address the needs of dance and performance creators in Jerusalem, to create an active, diverse artistic community that is mutually beneficial, with the aim of professionalizing the Jerusalem stratum, developing the dance scene, maximizing the potential of the city and promoting it to parties in Israel and abroad.

Projects for Independent Creators

Reciprocal residency programs in which co-creators come into the research and development period of creating a new dance. The program is in collaboration with a number of centers in Europe: Vilnius Lita Arts Arts Printing House, Zagreb, Dance Center Croatia, Kinitiras Artistic Network of Performing Arts and Residency Center, Athens, Greece, Budweis, Kredance, Czech Republic

A platform to promote works in progress with feedback from experienced artists. Creators are invited to present an excerpt of a work or full-length work that does not exceed 20 minutes, to ask the artist panel questions to assist them later in the creative process and to hear reflections and insights from colleagues. The events take place with invited audiences in a closed format for the audience or as open events according to the wishes and needs of the artists participating in each event. The event is fully funded by MASH.

The reserve a presentation date, contact

Throughout the year, the Center offers opportunities for enrichment sessions by artists and professionals according to artists’ needs. In 2019, a questionnaire was conducted among the Jerusalem artists, following which we offered a number of workshops. The workshops offered were in the field of marketing, writing, and interaction between creators and executives from around the world.

The new halls of MASH are intended to enable, first and foremost, the rehearsal processes of professional and semi-professional artists in Jerusalem. Priority is given to the creators who will develop their work at MASH, for the benefit of activities that bridge the city’s population and community projects.

A freelance creator who curates a dance or performance event while processing unique content, new essays, and refreshing and original visuals.

The freedom curated by the artists will also enable diversity and interaction with creators who do not have their voices heard frequently in the city or media diversity, engaging in content with a common denominator and open mind for a combination of lectures or practices that are important for creators to bring, as part of the vision of promoting the city’s independent contemporary dance field.

The next event will be held in June 2020.

For those interested in curating an event please contact

A series of events that bring together Jerusalem artists with Israeli and foreign artists. The next series will take place in the summer of 2020 and will provide a panorama of the art movement in the city in the new multi-complex complex and in the public space surrounding the complex.


A new bi-weekly track for continuation studies for dancers / graduates of dance programs or those who have experience integrating creative processes. The program includes sessions on Sundays and Thursdays between November 2019 and July 2020

In the program:

The program includes:

* Two weekly lessons with Ophir Yudelevich

* Weekly Technique Workshops with various teachers – Kerem Shami, Shira Eviatar, Roni Chadash, Yael Sharoni, Noa Shavit and more.

* Creation track accompanied by Shelly Palmon.

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